We develop various business from import business, wholesale, to interpretation/translation service.

La Sultane de Saba

La Sultane de Saba is a SPA brand in France.
We, NewPort Co.,Ltd is a authorized distributor.
This products get a big hit among the Parisienne and grows up
rapidly as for the position as the luxury brand.  
Morocco style massage brand "La Sultane de Saba" made by fragrance where originality overflows by 15 kinds of.
"La Sultane de Saba" product is also used with SOIN (the way of massage) in Dior Spa and Carita in France.
An excellent article of beauty, "La Sultane de Saba" is filled with originality and mystery.
You can find items as follows. please feel free to contact us.

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We sell items at net shop and wholesale, taking many kind of items such as organic cosmetics,
doctor's recommend beauty products, hair care items and so on.
Of course all the products from US and Europe are real regular items.
Our selection are selected carefully so that there should be something you would fall in love with!
If you are shop seller or need items in a large amount, please take a look at our web shop as we do wholesale business.
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Interpretation / Translation service
We corresponds our interpretation service from business scene to sightseeing… various matters. To make satisfy our customers, to make our customers enjoy staying in Tokyo, we response to the demand of the customer, we make special TOKYO GUIDANCE PLAN.
We also do Web translation as well.
Languages : We handle not only english but also other languages.

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from CEO

It's been 5 years since I started the company.
Now I take various business from wholesale, selling cosmetics to internet/translation business.
I feel necessary and the diversity of globalization through the communication with people from all over the world.
If there's nothing those communications, the business doesn't work out for me. and that is what I have such a interest in this business.
"People" "Products" "Idea" "Power"
There're many more I have enchanted but I always would like to open my eyes on a worldwide level to find out something which is authentic, a real one.
What I think is that the "sense" is very important to search out what is to be real worthy beyond the era and the country.
Those such a professional viewpoint is the "NewPort" at which I aim.
I would like to do various business in the future, being not caught in the frame, starting at NewPort LTD.

President & CEO / Yasuo Tobita

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